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Family Chiropractic Centre

Do I need a referral?
No. Although we receive many referrals from GP’s, midwives, health centre nurses and other health professionals (masseurs, podiatrists, naturopaths, etc), most of our referrals come from our satisfied and happy patients.
Is chiropractic covered under Medicare?
In most cases, no. However, some people may be eligible for up to 5 visits per year under a care plan. Please contact the clinic or your GP to discuss this further. 
Is Chiropractic covered by Health Insurance?
Yes. Most health insurance policies with “extras” will contribute towards your care. Please contact your insurer for more details. We also offer the HICAPS system, so bring your health insurance card and all you will need to do is pay the “gap”.
What is an adjustment?
A Chiropractic adjustment involves the application of a specific force, in a precise direction helping to restore movement in a poorly functioning joint. Adjustments are extremely safe and effective in enhancing movement, and optimising nervous system function. There are numerous ways to adjust the spine. Your Chiropractor will discuss these methods with you and recommend a technique most suited to you. 
What is that ‘popping’ sound?
The popping sound is a release of gas, caused by a change of pressure in the joint when it is adjusted. Most importantly, it usually doesn’t hurt and it is NOT the bones cracking! Some techniques will produce no sound at all. 
How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments varies from patient to patient. This all depends on your presenting complaint, your health and lifestyle habits. Some people seek Chiropractic care purely for pain relief, whilst others choose to have ongoing care for their posture or other spinal health problems. 

Can I combine massage therapy with chiropractic treatment?
Massage and chiropractic work very well together. You can benefit in a number of ways by adding massage therapy to your chiropractic care program. Recovery is normally faster and more complete when you treat the soft tissues like muscles and ligaments with the chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractic treatment often proceeds more easily, with less discomfort, when soft tissue has been relaxed with massage. You may be less anxious and more ready to receive chiropractic adjustment after a relaxing massage..Adjustments frequently last longer when muscle tension is released that might otherwise pull your joints out of alignment again.