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What Is Chiropractic?


Chiropractic is a form of manual medicine that involves gentle hands-on treatment to help with pain relief, alignment and freedom of movement. Using skilled evaluation, diagnosis and a wide range of hands-on techniques, Chiropractors can identify areas of dysfunction in your body.


The basic principle of chiropractic is that changes to the normal structure and function of the skeleton and its supporting structures such as the muscles can produce effects not just in those areas, but in other areas of the body as well. While the focus has been on the spine, chiropractors view all of the joints, surrounding muscles and nerves as potential sources of problems.


All of the Chiropractors at our clinic have completed at least 5 years of University training to become registered Chiropractors and are members of either the Chiropractors Association of Australia (CAA), Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia (COCA) or other Chiropractic Assocaitions.


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Treatment Approach

Chiropractors use a wide variety of techniques including soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, adjustments, stretching and gentle joint adjustments where appropriate to treat the muscles, joints, ligaments and connective tissues of the body.

Using a holistic approach to health, the functioning of the whole body is improved which assists the function of the lymphatic, circulatory, nervous and the various systems of the body. Chiropractors also take into account lifestyle factors such as exercise, posture, diet and stress and will prescribe stretching or strengthening exercises where applicable.


We use a variety of techniques including: Applied Kinesiology, SOT, Drop piece, Gonstead, Diversified, Activator, Active muscle release, Stretching, Acupuncture and Dry Needling, PNF, MR4 laser, Quantum Neurology, Arthrostim, Webster technique for pregnancy, Blocking, Kinesio taping for sports injuries and Flexion-Distraction for disc injuries. The best techniques are discussed to address the injury for optimal care.

Your first visit

At your first visit to our clinic a thorough medical history and physical examination will take place to identify areas of dysfunction and allow accurate diagnosis. If it is safe to do so, a gentle manual treatment will be given. You may be given exercises and advice to assist you in your recovery. Some disrobing may be required.  Chiropractic treatment is rarely painful.  We will explain what we are doing to make it a relaxing and enjoyable experience.


   Back Pain

Back pain is a very common back problem. Some common causes of back pain include:

  • Arthritis – osteoarthritis and ankylosing spondylitis are two forms of arthritis linked to back pain
  • Muscle and ligament strains – if your back is out of condition or if you have pre-existing problems, you are more vulnerable to soft tissue injuries such as sprains (stretching or tearing ligaments) and strains (injuring muscles or tendons). Stretching a ligament or muscle too far or too quickly can result in a tear of the tissue. Excessive force and repetitive use may also damage muscles
  • Osteoporosis – is a disease characterised by loss of bone density and strength. The vertebrae can become so porous and brittle that they break easily. Pain is due to a fracture of the vertebrae
  • Sciatica – develops when the nerve that runs from the lower back into the leg is compressed by a bulging intervertebral disc, causing pain down the hip and leg
  • Stress – one of the side effects of stress is increased muscle tension. This can lead to fatigue, stiffness and localised pain. Constantly tight muscles can create imbalances in a person’s posture that may cause misalignment of the spine
  • Structural problems – lifelong bad posture, osteoporosis and genetic conditions (such as kyphosis, a curving of the upper back (sometimes called hunchback), and scoliosis, which produces a sideways curve) can cause pain by putting added stress on the structures of the spinal column.


   Neck Pain and Headaches

Neck pain and headaches are both common complaints. Neck pain is often the result of issues such as stress, tension, poor posture, whiplash injuries and motor accidents. Muscular tension and joint restriction in the neck frequently result in headaches with pain radiating into various areas of the skull. 

Associated symptoms such as dizziness, visual disturbance, nausea, jaw and facial pain can occasionally occur.Through thorough examination of the neck we can identify the areas causing your pain and apply gentle manual treatment to relieve tightness and improve function thereby relieving your symptoms.We also stock therapeutic pillows which may help you to manage your neck pain.


Sports Injuries

No matter what sports you are involved in our chiropractors can assist you with  your sporting needs from prevention to treatment and rehabilitation. We have experience in taking care of state soccer teams, national lacrosse team, cycling clubs, football teams and athletics clubs.

We will help you return to your sport quickly and safely and guide you with exercise and rehab. We work with our remedial massage therapists who can assist with your recovery.

Our chiropractors treat sports injuries relating to:

  • Knee injuries
  • Lower back and sciatic pain
  • Hip bursitis and sacro iliac sprains
  • Neck spasm and recurring injuries
  • Muscle tears and strains
  • Postural problems
  • Shoulder and rotator cuff injuries
  • Wrist and elbow injuries



Chiropractic is very safe and gentle before, during and after the pregnancy. It is safe for you as well as your baby.  We can help your body adjust to the changes that pregnancy brings to your body. Some of the common problems experienced during pregnancy are back pain, pelvic instability and pelvic pains, sciatica, hip problems, shoulder and rib pains and postural imbalance.


Some of our chiropractors use the Webster technique for pelvic imbalance which can assist in proper functioning of the spine and pelvis.